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Installation / mise à jour de la licence pour WinEdt 5.x

Here is your registration data. The following name and code
should be entered in your running copies of WinEdt 5.*, in the
Help| Register dialog replacing any existing data (NB: the name
must be entered EXACTLY as shown below, beginning with the
asterik, and including square brackets, text in parenthesis at
end, etc., and also respecting spaces, etc):

       Name: (see Distrilog licence info, item 'Name')
       Code: (see Distrilog licence info, item 'Code')

Note: Use the Configuration wizard to allow User profiles in a multi-user setup. Since 5.4 [build 20050701] it is now automatic and there is also a license monitor feature; see Options-> Configuration Wizard. The Main Help (F1) has information for sys administrators. In upgrading from an older build (and in older builds) be sure to Enable/Update the Automatic profiles...
Note: 5.5 is the current official release, available from our web site. Build 20071003 is the latest and it is both XP- and Vista-ready. The program comes with an up-to-date illustrated HTML Manual (Help Menu, or press F1), and also features a "LaTeX demo" with hints on graphics inclusion, etc (find it under WinEdt's Document -> Samples Menu) For dictionaries, add-ons, FAQ's, etc., visit www.winedt.org. News about the program is announced on the WinEdt Mailing List (for details of the List, see winedt.org)...

Thank you for supporting the WinEdt project.

PS. For multi-user installations using version 5.2:
 In WinEdt's Network folder you'll find the file 0Readme.txt. It
will point you to the relevant information on how to properly set
WinEdt on network, including the ability of user profiles allowing
users to have their private settings and project management
without interfering with each other. In WinEdt 5.2 it is almost
100% automated and WinEdt creates the Registry entries and user
profile when it is started for the first time by a new user. The
system administrator has to, however, prepare some data (only once
for all users).

If you have a build 20001213 there is a small problem in the macro
Create Personal Profile.edt.

The line:

  LetReg(2,"%@('HKEY_CURRENT_USER','Software', 'WinEdt', 'INIT');");

should read:

  LetReg(2,"%@('HKEY_CURRENT_USER','Software', 'WinEdt', 'INIT', ' ');");

Note the extra space parameter!

The rest has been confirmed to work like a charm

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